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Health Insurance Agent


"I'm your agent!

We work independently, offering products and services from different health insurance companies. We can handle different proposals and services from multiple companies at the same time. You can choose, and we will provide guidance without any preference."


"We are trained insurance professionals and can assist you in enrolling in a health insurance plan. Our agents work with different health insurance companies and may represent multiple companies at the same time. You may qualify for premium tax credits that can reduce your monthly premiums, but only through the Health Insurance Marketplace. By purchasing a Marketplace plan, you can save money.

As licensed agents and brokers in the state of Florida and Texas, we are authorized to sell Marketplace health plans. Intermediaries are required to act in the best interest of the consumer. We are here to help you and your family.

Please call us and request a free quote in the Health Insurance Marketplace. We will provide you with free guidance and support."


"I'm your health insurance agent. Please call me, and I will glad to help you find health insurance plan in the market for you and your family, at no additional cost to you."

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